Technology is growing at a rapid pace with continuous evolvement. There is too much information at the disposal and there are very good chances that these can go into the wrong people and wrong hands. This is especially true for companies who have a lot of sensitive data that can be used by their competitors. Cyber-crimes, network hacking, identity theft, pornography, crimes against women are at an all-time high. The Internet is both a boon as well as a bane, at one hand it helps in making the world a small place by sharing knowledge from across the globe and at the same time it gives immoral people the freedom to hide their true identity and do and say whatever they want. Cyber security is a key aspect to maintain stability in the internet world.

Source: turn-key technologies

There are people who provide specialized services to counter such cyber-attacks and threats. We look at some of those services below:

Corporate Fraud Investigations (CFI)

These services provide the investigation and root cause because analysis of an incident after it has occurred. They are useful as they help in understanding the loopholes as well as the areas of improvement and implementation.

B2B Due-Diligence Services – (DDS)

This involves the investigation of the financial as well as commercial aspects of a firm before buying it out to understand the assets and liabilities as well as to assess the company potential prior to merger or acquisition.

Source: domain consult group

Background Vetting Services – (BVS)

This is similar to background verification and involves a detailed analysis of records, financial reports, commercial reports, etc. which can be helpful in making a more informed decision.

Cybercrime E2E liaison services (CCLS)

These services are very important especially to corporate and big business houses. These services help in understanding end-to-end cyber crime details. It deals with the in and out of cyber crime which the company is prone to, how to prevent it and in case of an attack what needs to be done along with what went wrong.

Security Assessment Services (SAS)

Security Assessment is a very important service for every company because sooner or later they would need to get this assessment in order to understand their security week points and breach prone areas. It is based on this assessment that companies decide how they need to improve their cyber security.

In-house Training Exercises (ITE)

As the name suggests, these services aim at providing the employees, staff and the others in the company the training to understand the cyber threat, how to deal with, the process to be followed and also how to be vigilant against such threats.